Traveling Cheap for a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is already expensive enough, but when you choose to have a destination wedding there are all sorts of extra expenses that come along with it. Renting a wedding venue in an exotic location is usually much more expensive to begin with, and then when you stack the cost of travel on top of that it becomes quite outrageous. So how in the world can you keep your costs low and still have an amazing destination wedding? Fortunately, there are some ways that will help you have the destination wedding of your dreams for cheap enough to keep you from filing bankruptcy.

Time of Year

The cost of travel fluctuates a lot during the course of the year, so picking the right time can save you a boatload of money. The best time to book your travel is usually in the fall months like September and October because the demand is the lowest by a large margin. Between September and December will usually be the least expensive times for any location, so being flexible on your desired wedding date can help you find the cheapest possible price on travel.

Choosing a Destination

The destination that you choose for your wedding will play one of the largest roles in the overall cost of your event. There are a lot of locations that spend millions of dollars per year to advertise their destinations wedding packages, and those places are usually expensive regardless of when you book or what time of year you travel. To combat this, try to choose a destination that doesn’t really boast its wedding packages but will still be a beautiful location to get marries. All you really need a nice white sand beach and a minister to have a memorable weeding that you and your guests will adore.

Packing Light

Baggage fees have been getting out of control in recent years, and they continue to get steeper by the minute. Many airlines charge you for each bag that you check, and that can add up quickly considering all of the items you want to bring along for your wedding. Though you obviously want to bring a few items with you like your dress and your wedding rings, try to source as many of your wedding supplies locally as you possibly can. You can find a store that sells wedding sparklers at your destination and a place to pick up your tuxedo rental, so there’s no reason to bring everything you need along with you. Make a list of what you need and research if you can get it locally for a fair price and use that method to pack as light as possible when traveling.

Having a destination wedding is never a cheap affair, but eliminating a lot of your travel expenses can make the pill easier to swallow. It’s amazing how much money you can save by researching potential destinations and waiting for the right time to book your trip, all you need is a little advanced planning. By using your head and packing smart, traveling for your destination wedding can be a lot cheaper than you think.

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