5 Stunning Destination Wedding Venues to Consider

If you are planning to tie the knot – congratulations! To celebrate the news and offer some exciting ideas as to what in 2016 is possible when thinking of planning a dream destination wedding, here are just five truly magical choices to consider.


  1. A Marriage Made in Paradise

An imposing colonial mansion house overlooking the world’s best beach (as voted by the Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards) situated on an exotic island in the Caribbean –sound like paradise? Well, it could be where you tie the knot and is for those who opt to book their wedding at the Beach House TCI Resort.

As well as treating your nearest and dearest to a truly once in a lifetime holiday, you and your partner needn’t rush off after your wedding to jet out on your honeymoon; instead, you can enjoy already being there whilst also being surrounded by not only some of the world’s most stunning scenery and natural wonders, but those you love most.

And if that isn’t enough, opt to hold your wedding at the Beach House TCI and you can even opt to hold your ceremony on the world’s most amazing beach. Oh, and it is worth being aware that Turks and Caicos enjoys sun all year round. Hence, for those dreaming of a beach front wedding…in the middle of winter, not only does TCI make this possible, but it also means you needn’t settle for any beach except for the planet’s best.

  1. A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Fancy swapping the fairy lights for the Northern Lights? Here is how to turn that dream into a reality.

Whether you and your partner just happen to share a love of the festive season so much a winter wedding seems perfect for you both, or you just want your big day to be magical, unique and an adventure, one option that ticks all these boxes (and so many more) is to consider saying your vows at the famous Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Located in Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, the Ice Hotel is situated only 200km from the Arctic Circle and redesigned in a new guise every single year. Those who opt to wed here don’t only get to say they united in holy matrimony in a mesmerising church made out of actual ice and more like something you’d find within a fairytale snowglobe or dream than reality, they also get to do so beneath the halo of one of the most mesmerising natural phenomena the world over: the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights.

  1. Marrying on a Mountain High

Falling in love is often described as making a person or couple feel like they are on top of the world. Then, why not celebrate that magical feeling by saying ‘I do’ quite literally on top of the world, or at least a very high mountain.

Further, these are words that are set to change the course of your life and fuse two families together, hence why not make a big deal of it by declaring those fateful vows whilst looking out over and standing high above the world you are literally and spiritually about to enter united as one?

To do so, after all, is not only possible but affordable. To see for yourself, visit the Vail website and their choice of Mountain Wedding venues.

  1. Into all things Literary? Get Wed in a Library…Literally.

A love of books is something many couples share. And for those who do and want their wedding day to celebrate the ending of one chapter and beginning of a new one as a married couple, why not marry amongst many of the world’s most famous romantic characters, fairytales and add your own story to the lore of an exquisite and famed library such as the Queen Mary University Octagon Library here in London?

One of the world’s most literary cities and home to the British Library, arguably one of the world’s most famous libraries in existence, this means that London is the perfect place for any duo of book lovers to tie the proverbial knot. To do so in London is not only to do so where some of literature’s most amazing stories and literary tales have taken place, it also means doing so in a city full of books. After all, the British Library alone is home to over 20 million titles.

Then, for interloping book worms there is no city more perfect than London in which to begin your ‘happily ever after’. That said, for those inclined to disagree (and just to prove England at least really is the best country to get wed for those looking to plan a literary themed wedding) head over to the Hitched website and give their feature: Library Wedding Venues For Literature Lovers for even more ideas of UK based library wedding venues.

  1. Love Champagne? Why Not Get Married in It…

No wedding is complete without bubbly. For those who really love their bubbles though and to really celebrate a wedding in a big way, why not opt to hold your big day in an actual French Chateau nestled within the world famous region of Champagne?

Not only is this possible, but it is actually so popular (and for us Brits so conveniently close), that doing so does not just guarantee couples a truly fairytale style destination wedding complete with all the champagne you could hope for, but an affordable one as well.

Further, just as there is not only one brand of champagne out there, neither is there only one dream destination Champagne venue worth considering when booking your big day. Hence, to chose between the best venues currently in offer in the Champagne region or simply search according to budget, visit the Chateau and Villa Weddings website to find the perfect champagne venue for your big day.

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