5 Top Tips for Buying a Holiday Lodge

Buying a holiday home of any kind and whether for sole use as a private holiday home or as part of an investment is an exciting prospect. There is of course though a lot to learn, know and consider ahead of buying. Hence, here are 5 top tips to buying a holiday lodge or for that matter park home in here in the UK.


  1. A Park Home vs. A Holiday Lodge: Know the Difference

Some people use the terms ‘park home’ and ‘holiday lodge’ interchangeably. Unfortunately, this then creates confusion when in fact a park home and a holiday lodge are two separate types of accommodation created and designed for the purpose of providing high quality and yet affordable holiday accommodation.

Some providers also sell, rent and offer a choice of both park homes and holiday lodges either situated on a single leisure park or across different leisure parks. This is true of Pure Leisure, for example, who operate holiday and leisure parks in the North West and specifically The Lake District, as well as selling used and new caravans for use as holiday home properties within their parks. Hence, for a better understanding of the differences between park homes, holiday lodges and as well caravans, the Pure Leisure website is a good place to head to.

  1. Location, Location, Location

A holiday lodge (or park home for that matter) is unlike a caravan or mobile home in that it is static. This means that whilst it is movable and its purchase involves the acquisition of the property alone and not the land upon which it sits, owners rarely if ever actually attempt to move a holiday lodge or park home. Rather, and more like a bricks and mortar property, those fed up of where their property is situated sell up and move on. Then, choosing the right location is of paramount importance.

Whilst for many the choice of a location results in the decision to purchase a holiday lodge or park home, for a number the opposite is true; lured by the high quality of living provided by a holiday lodge offset against the price (which is likely to set you back a fraction of that a bricks and mortar home of the same size and spec in the same region will), thousands of Brits these days decide to invest in the purchase of a holiday lodge before deciding where to buy.

If this describes you, some popular areas and areas well populated by holiday lodge leisure parks include the aforementioned Lake District which is currently bidding to become a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site and join the likes of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Taj Mahal (to learn more head over to the Lake District.gov website) and the southern coast. Specifically, Cornwall and Devon both prove popular locations and enjoy some of the country’s best weather as well as best coasts and beaches, with Devon usually proving the more affordable of the two when looking to buy a holiday lodge or park home.

  1. Compile a Checklist

Holiday lodges are created and sold, like bricks and mortar properties, in a wide choice of sizes, designs and to meet almost all specifications. This helps to ensure the broadest spectrum of people and families can afford to purchase a holiday lodge or park home, should they wish to.

Then, just as when purchasing any property in which you intend to live, for a week or permanently, you should always begin by establishing a checklist of features, square feet, amenities and bedroom etcetera.

Failure to do this ahead of beginning your search does not mean going at it with an open mind. Rather it results in wasting time and potentially a lot of money either on viewing a huge range of lodges which for the most part might not even be suitable, are out of your price range or worse yet you end up buying a lodge or park home that is far less than ideal.

  1. Buying a Holiday Lodge or Park Home: What to Watch For

Buying a holiday lodge or park home, as aforementioned, differs from purchasing a bricks and mortar property in several important ways. For this reason it really is very important to view holiday loges and park homes and enter a search for one with this in mind; suffice to say, if the property you are looking to buy differs from those you have previously purchased your search and approach will need to differ too.

Then, ahead of viewing potential holiday homes of any description, take some time to first read through, take in and familiarise yourself with the Buying a Holiday Lodge Guide provided in PDF format via the High Lodge website.

  1. The Three Ways of Buying a Holiday Lodge or Park Home

There are three main and separate means of purchasing a holiday lodge or park home here in the UK, and in order to know what you are buying, avoiding losing money, buying something that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or meet your needs and to generally save yourself a lot of bother and potential stress and money, it is worth understanding what they are.

The most popularly opted for means of buying your own holiday lodge or park home in the UK is to buy a holiday lodge or park home situated on a purpose made holiday and leisure park or site. This involves buying the property from the park or site owner or company which owners it and subsequently paying a lease amount to the site owner in order for the property to remain there. Essentially you are renting the land upon which the property is situated.

Meanwhile, to learn about the other two and less popular options available to UK buyers looking to invest in the purchase of a holiday lodge or park home, you can do so by continuing your reading via the Parkhome Living website and specifically by reading their Step by Step Purchasing Guide.

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