5 Top Tips for Getting a Bargain International Flight

Whether travelling internationally on a regular basis or just hoping to bag a dream 2017 holiday on a shoestring budget, here are five top tips to help you do it.

1# Avoid the Airport

Of course in order to take a flight you will need to travel to and via an airport, or a few. The idea though that turning up with your bags packed, but no ticket and hanging around in the hope of bagging unsold seats to just about anywhere though is all but an urban legend.

That is not strictly true; unlike an urban legend the idea that last minute flights were once sold to those brave enough to buy them there and then is rooted in some truth; the problem is that since the internet has made ensuring flights are almost always booked up if not overbooked, there are no seats or deals left to bag at the airports.

Hence, avoid the airports and instead get online, making use of some of the websites and tips provided below. Not only is this your best chance of bagging the best deal out there, you needn’t even get dressed to do it, never mind pack for your holidays before you’ve even booked them.

2# Capitalise on Error Fares

Think about the number of fares that are listed online every single day. It is no surprise that every now and then a mistake is made. The more a service or product is advertised the more frequent the mistakes. Thus, the more those who spot them stand to save. From accidently omitting fuel and surcharges to currency conversion blunders to simply being unable to keep up and amend mistakes quickly enough, the ways error fares make it to us are many, and they happen reasonably often.

Short of literally trawling the internet day and night in the hope of finding mistakenly priced fare though, how can you find these super cheap flights? Surprisingly easily in fact, just bookmark the Flynous website and make a point of regularly checking the Flynous Blog for updates, as well as advice and tips.

3# Last Minute Fares

Last minute fares have been a popular means of bagging bargain international flights for some years now. Fortunately, booking last minute as we have moved into the digital age has only become even more easy thanks to sites such as aptly named Lastminute.com, rather than less realistic.

The simple fact is that no airline wants any of their planes to take off with empty seats. Hence, the nearer it gets to take off the lower the price you can expect to pay.

4# Be Flexible

Whether you opt to search for cheap flights well in advance, last minute or via an error fare search website in the hope of bagging a great deal, one way to ensure knocking hundreds and even thousands off buying airfare in the longer term is to be flexible.

It is entirely because not everyone can afford to be flexible that means those who are grab the best deal’s more often than not; think of those willing or able to jet off at the drop of a hat or decide where they’re off on holiday by what’s the cheapest as the gap fillers; they keep planes from having empty seating and as such help to prevent the cost for the rest of us from costing even more.

5# Know Where to Search for Flights

Observing the above tips will help to save you on flights, but of course the best way to get bargain flights is simply a matter of knowing where to find them. This means shirking the likes of high street travel agents and most of the major names in favour of a few far more obscure and lesser heard of online providers.

Two in particular are Skyscanner and Globehunters. Whilst in recent years the Skyscanner website has seen huge surges in popularity and folk seem to be realising what they stand to save by keeping an eye on the deals advertised on the website, less people are at least for now talking about the Globehunters website. This is both a blessing and a curse; the fewer people aware of the website the more likely it is that those who do know of it will get a real deal. On the flip side, if the majority aren’t aware of the Globehunters website this means the majority can’t benefit from the deals advertised on it. On a happy ending note though, those who have made it to the end of this cheap flights lo-down won’t be amongst the majority yet to be in on this savvy travel secret!

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